Chris Williams
Who In Their Right Mind Would Buy A Lie?
3' x 4'
Being a christian, and just culturally as a whole, I've found that I/we often buy into lies and for me one of the biggest lies that I buy into has to be sex, and girls etc(hence the seductive painting), and there is a scripture in romans 1:25 that just talks about the gentiles exchanging the truth of the creator for a creation/lie which they worshiped, and as I said, I find myself buying lies all the time. For girls the lies they might buy into may deal with weight, and feeling as though they have to be this way, this, and this to be accepted. Perhaps wanting to be in a relationship, or even married etc. For guys, the lie they might buy into a lot are probably girls, or having possesions, or whatever! its all a lie, and they are so very costly, however we're sometimes willing to give our life for a lie. cause i sometimes do, well a lot of times, and at least for me it sucks, because i know the truth.
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