Chris Williams
I Apologize
oil on canvas
2' x 5'
ive had a couple people in my life tell me at some point in their childhood that they were molested/raped, and so that was the motivation behind this. I started researching and found that one in four girls will either be molested or raped. So from that i started thinking about all the women in my life that are still living from my sister to my mom to grandmother to cousins etc. and lets just say that it equated to more than four which means that there is a very real chance that at some point someone in my family has easily been one of the four that have been molested/raped. During the class critique, i took some time just to apologize to the entire class saying "if no other man apologizes for their actions, i apologize to you". anyway, i wanted to paint something that was kind of freaky/innocent/intense at the same time, and so this is what i came up with.
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