Chris Williams
When I work with oil paints, I am reminded that God exist's. Oils have become my voice, a stage on which I can be heard, and a means for me to communicate. The most important part of any composition for me is having a strong reference to work from, or having strong content. I generally begin a piece by thinking of images that most clearly have a direct correlation to a personal thought, feeling, or experience. In doing so, I can’t fail. My work then becomes about communicating, and not so much about “getting it right.”
When my work is going well I’m filled with elation. An anticipation to see my own work completed builds with each stroke. Every bounce of the canvas, every turn and contortion of the brush excites me. I’m most attracted to color. Thick luscious brush strokes and strong contrasts between lights and darks are a must for my compositions. The creaminess, blending capabilities, and richness of oil paints have all become reasons why I’ve absolutely fallen in love with the possibilities of oil paints.
Some of the more recent things that I’ve been working on have been filled with content. The pieces deal with everything, from me being influenced by my hometown of New Orleans, to sexual addictions, to slavery. I can’t stress enough the freedom I’ve been given in picking up a paint brush, paint, and a canvas; and emotionally leaving myself on the canvas for others to relate to and enjoy. My college painting course has grown into my passion, and my passion into my voice. I, like most people, just want to be heard.