Chris Williams
Pieces of Me
oil on canvas
88' x 90"
okay with this one, uhh you know how they say "every person you come in contact with is an opportunity to either learn or share something with or from" right? with me about to graduate and all, what i did was a big self portrait titled "pieces of me" with intentions of giving it away to people who have at some point, or form and fashion shared something with me, ultimately making me who i am today. Its a way of me litterally giving/sharing a piece of myself with them! what you see here are 12 sheets of strathmore paper that are 22"x30" for a total canvas size of 88"x 90". using a little oil paint, i went to town. once i finished the painting, my plan is to cut each sheet into equal forths creating 48 individual compositions, and i would give them as i said to people who have shared something with me! so, if those 48 people some how, some way got back together with the pieces that i give them, it would form what you see here, me!
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